Civil Litigation Attorneys

A personable approach that’s rare to find

When searching for civil litigation attorneys in Columbus and surrounding areas, you want someone extremely responsive when you reach out with questions and who will provide all of the information you need to assure you throughout the complex legal process.


Our civil litigation attorneys not only get back to clients same day, they frequently communicate and forward helpful information- it truly is a partnership. We  have many years of experience in the area of civil litigation: environmental law, product liability lawsuits, intellectual property disputes, construction liability lawsuits, medical malpractice claims and more.

No matter what type of civil litigation you are dealing with, we are here to help. Our civil litigation attorneys in Columbus are standing by, ready to work with you and streamline the legal process as much as possible. All it takes is a quick consultation, at no cost to you.

Representation spanning all 88 Ohio counties

It’s not unusual for other law firms to only work in particular counties, or only in the Columbus area. We operate differently – spanning the entire state of Ohio.

  • Our attorneys have experience in all the various courts.

  • Strong familiarity with how judges, counties and clerks offices work.

  • Founded in 2007, we have a unique, sharp focus on putting clients first at all times.

  • Our firm represents publicly traded and privately held companies, nonprofit organizations, and professional associations before the Ohio General Assembly, Governor’s Office and other government branches and agencies.

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